Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Art Journal Every Day Month #05

The owl and the pussy cat finally finished and photographed. It took me three days to complete this one though I haven't worked exclusively on it. I have to admit I have also been working on a few scrapbooking projects as well but, it feels like I've achieved something pretty cool. 

I'm not much of a journaler you see, but I've recently discovered the beauty of handwriting and even though I realise my own hand isn't perfect I am growing to love it more and more. And because this work was totally inspired by Edward Lear's "The Owl And The Pussycat" it seemed only right to add a few lines of the poem to the pages. It really is brilliant, I found myself having a quiet laugh to myself as I was reading and writing.

For now I think I am getting there.

And in the meantime, the search is on for that perfect journaling pen. Any suggestions or ideas you might have for me would be very welcome. I've tried Copic multiliners, Signo and paint pens so far. The Copic are permanent ink but don't like my matte surfaces, Signo are ok but only come in one size and I love using paint markers but they can smudge and reactivate with anything wet. Thoughts?


  1. This rocks!!!! I knew it would be awesome!!! Fabulous piece of artwork Kim!!! Love it!! ox

  2. I love the owl and the pussycat and this is a fun piece of art. Love love love. If you find the perfect pen, I want to know, too! I use prismacolor premier pens, but they aren't ideal. But, I must use them up before go on the pen adventure! Happy AEDM!

  3. I enjoyed seeing both pages together. The continuity is strong and I agree that this one puts a smile on any face. It sure does mine.

    I don't journal, so my only pen is a Micron size 0.05. It is OK as long as you don't try to write over gesso. Gesso kills it by gunking it up. Hope someone can lead you to the perfect pen for you.

  4. very nice. you have a very lovely writing style!!

  5. Kim, they are wonderful .. the handwriting is wonderful too!


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