Sunday, 3 November 2013

Art Journal Every Day Month #02

Here is my day #02 for Art Journal Every Day Month. I cheated a little and I'm using an art journal page I created a couple of weeks ago to try to catch up. This piece is collaged using brightly coloured serviettes and overpainted with acrylic paint, paint markers, pens, stencils and Prismacolor pencils. It forms the cover to one of the current art journals I am working on at the moment - of which there are many! This journal will feature sea creatures, mermaids and characters from beneath the sea.

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  1. An amazing page Kim!! The colours are almost luminous and so gorgeous!! Love this!! ox

  2. Such glorious vivid colours - an amazing page!
    Alison x

  3. This is GORGEOUS!! I love the colors so very much! And hey, that's not cheating...I don't think. If it is, then I cheated a little, too, for I used an already-started collage for my Day 3 collage. In fact, I pulled out a stack of previously started collages to try and finish off during this month's challenge. ;-)

  4. Naw not cheating at all! if you've left something unfinished and then find that it is perfect for another project, that's just saving time :)) I so admire anything arty like this, cannot even doodle myself! Really really love that fish, beeeeautifully done and gorgeous colours!! Mwah!


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